Nigerian Secondary School Subjects Complete SQL Query

Nigerian Secondary School Subjects Complete SQL Query

Nigerian Secondary School Subjects Complete SQL Query

A Compilation of a SQL Runnable List of All Nigerian Secondary School Subjects By Adekoniye Adedoyin Michael Software Developer

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The Universal Basic Education (UBE) Programme was introduced in Nigeria in September 1988. Following this, in 2008 the Federal Government of Nigeria, through the Nigerian Educational Research and Development Council (NERDC) developed and introduced the 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum (BEC) in schools by realigning all extant Primary and Junior Secondary School Curricula to meet the key targets of the UBE program. Given some contemporary and national concerns and to make the curriculum more practical, relevant, interest generating to the young learners and in line with global best practices, the 9-year BEC was recently revised in 2012 and its implementation has just commenced in September 2014. This article is focused on the structure, special features, and the implementation strategy of the Revised 9-Year Basic Education Curriculum with some emphasis on the Basic Science and Technology component as one of the key cluster subjects prepared with the aim of catching the young learner to love science, learn science and create change in the learner's environment.

Keywords: education, curriculum, science, technology, and structure

American Journal of Educational Research, 2015 3 (1), pp 31-37. DOI: 10.12691/education-3-1-7

Received October 04, 2014; Revised December 22, 2014; Accepted January 07, 2015


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