These days’ people find it so easy to replace quality with the quantity which in the long run leaves loopholes and challenges. Patching up which later costs higher than the quality but not up to the standard of the quality.

In my personal professional experience, people often offer services in my line of work for a ridiculously cheap price, and innocent people who fall for such end up spending above budget.

There was a client sometime back who came to inquire about a blog site, he said he doesn’t want a CMS (e.g. WordPress, Joomla, etc.) based blog but one that is built from scratch with custom features, so I gave him a quote of our quality service at the best price and he promised to call back.

When he did call back he was not calling for me to do the work anymore but to tell me he had given it to another person who has agreed to take a very cheap price from him but he wants me to check if the guy is giving him quality, I smiled at my own end and told him he will have to pay for consultation which is one of the services he knows we offer but he wanted it for free, I quickly objected and told him the price which was half the price in the first quote I gave him.

After he has paid for the consultation, I dug into the technologies used to develop the work and found it was the same Joomla which the client specifically said he doesn’t want, I brought this to his notice and he asked his guy about it, but guess what? The guy denied using a CMS to build the site and delivered the project like that. The client had to pay the amount in the first quote for me to redesign the work.

The total spending of the client amounted to 150% of our initial quotation plus the extra fee he paid the other guy.

Moral: Always be quality-oriented in your daily decisions.