SEO Optimization Techniques to gain more website visits

SEO Optimization Techniques to gain more website visits

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·Nov 4, 2020·

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For people to find your site basically means your website has a very high Search Engine Optimization; now how do you do that:

Firstly there are 2 types of SEO:

on-page SEO(also known as “on-site SEO”): This type of SEO is basically the ones you have total control over because they are sitting right in your codebase; Common on-page SEO practices include optimizing title tags, content, internal links, and URLs.

Here is a checklist for your on-page SEO:

Use Your Target Keyword In The First 100 Words Wrap Your Page Titles in an H1 Tag Wrap Subheadings in H2 Tags Use your keywords frequently Use External (Outbound) Links: This is a reference out of your site showing search engines you provide quality info Using modifiers like “best”, “guide”, “checklist”, “fast” and “review” can help you Use Unique, Keyword-Rich Meta Descriptions Unique Content: I mean publishing something that doesn’t just regurgitate the same stuff that’s already out there. Use “Question Title Tags” as many times as possible e.g. instead of “Here is an answer title”, you could do “What is a baby? Here is an answer title” Add the Current Year to Title and Description Optimize images Compress Resources or use the .min versions of libraries used Make Sure Your Site is Mobile-Friendly

This is just some tips you can find more online visit On-Page SEO: The Definitive Guide (2020) On-Page Seo Tips off-page SEO(also known as “on-site SEO”): This type of SEO is generally dependent on how well you have defined your on-site SEO, and they used to track and manage the performance of your website keywords and general usage.

Here are some things to put in place for an optimum off-page SEO:

Setup The Google Search Console Install Bing Webmaster Tools Setup Google Analytics Pro Tip: Connect Google Analytics with the Google Search Console. When you do, you’ll see helpful SEO information from inside of your Google Analytics account. Install Yoast SEO (WordPress Users Only) Visit The Complete SEO Checklist For 2020 for more information on the topic.

Other Tips

Secure Your Site With HTTPS Use google speed test to help with resources that might need optimization Chunk Your Content to Maximize Readability Cover Your Page’s Topic In-Depth Build Powerful Backlinks With Guest Sharing your pages Post your website and links on sites like Quora, HackerNews, Crunchbase, Google Business, etc. I am sure there are more great tips online but with these, you are guaranteed a place on the first search page.

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