When I started my IT Company some years back then I was still working as a programmer in another ICT firm. Trust me it wasn't easy doing two things at the same phase. I have always had the desire to be very useful in the ICT world because that's where I belong. I had high hopes of attracting all the big clients I could get.

You see that zeal one has when starting up a company with just skills and with little or no knowledge on how to market the business can be very frustrating. The first year was so much of a struggle for me. I could remember how I adored my first client that I was literally begging him to give me his money. Or the times that I worried myself to bed thinking of how I would pay house rent, feed, and take care of my siblings. I decided to learn the art of selling my business as it would be a huge plus to me.

As they say, ideas rule the world. One idea became my stepping stone. So, one day I was thinking about how to be close sales with my imaginary clients. And then I got the idea to build software that would solve problems in organizations, schools, and hotels.

We have many software now in the market some of which are:

  1. Acodeclass (acodeclass): This is an LMS and it can be redeployed for private individuals as a service or off-the-shelve software, also the online hosted version can make sales-generating income from content sales and course purchases, we also receive a certain percent from external instructors who upload contents on the platform.

  2. Trm. ng (trm.ng): This as the name suggests is a URL trimming service that can be used for marketing with long URLs, and major competitions are rebrandly and bitly.

  3. Smart Attendance System (qr.doyinsoft.com): During this pandemic, we realized the urgent need for a contactless mode of secure verification, and we came up with the Encrypted QR Code Powered Attendance System which can generate ID cards and also use those ID cards as secure ID for verification.

  4. Complete School Management System (doyinsoft.com/products): This is an ERP (Entity Resource Platform) which can handle every niche of the school affairs. many schools need to move with the age of tech to enable digitization of their data and also more statistics and safer backups.

  5. CBT System (mock.doyinsoft.com): We also have a CBT which we detached and made a stand-alone tool for recruitment and other types of tests.

Wait first!

The miracle didn't happen on just building the software. It happened when I made the decision to be committed to going out to meet my clients presenting the software to them and showing them how it would be very useful to them. They were impressed really impressed and I dropped the proposal with them. I went out to sell myself and my software. I didn't wait for them to come to me again.

Then, after some days I started getting calls asking me "when can I begin the project" I was over-excited. And at that moment my career started getting better for my good.

Have you been in one spot in your business or career and nothing has happened? Get up and GO GET THEM.

Adedoyin M Adekoniye

Software Engineer/Digital Consultant